About Charm’ed Copenhagen

Rikke Handreck NovodCharm’ed Copenhagen is a Danish luxury jewellery brand that celebrates individuality.
The designer and founder, Rikke Handreck Novod creates wearable pieces to style, stack and personalize.

Charm’ed was created with the idea of designing an everyday jewellery.
Charm’ed Bracelet is the signature bracelet of Charm’ed Copenhagen.
It is a bracelet you can wear all the time, you never have to take it off. Wear it for swimming or other sports, as well as for work or parties.

The jewellery can be worn by adults and children of all ages and it is fitted with an easily adjustable ribbon that comes in a variety of colours.
The new collection, Molecules By Charm’ed, are unique pendants of beautiful pearls. The combination of colours and gold plated pearls, gives an amazing play of light, and a fashionable look.

Each pendant is handmade by Rikke Handreck Novod. It is designed with the opportunity of personalizing your own pendant of Molecules, thereby getting an entirely unique jewellery.

Charm’ed  - a jewellery for the rest of your life