The Protective Eye / Chain
The Protective Eye / Chain

The Protective Eye / Chain


Price in DKK; 596,-

The Protective Eye from Charm’ed is a potent amulet for protection against evil forces.  
It is a bracelet you can wear all the time, you never have to take it off. Wear it for swimming or other sports, as well as for work or parties.

The jewellery can be worn by adults and children of all ages and it is fitted with an easily adjustable ribbon that comes in a variety of colours.

14 K gold plated sterling silver 925, The Eye pendant with 13 blue and 6 white zirconia, chain and 2 white zirconia.

Length 57 mm (total length with chain)
Width 7 mm

One size, (If it is for a child, then please make a comment at the order form).